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  • faded fender flairs

    I have a black TJ and my fender flairs have faded to a light gray colour

    I was thinking of painting them with Krylon Fusion spray paint or I read about using a heat gun somehow but don't really know how to do it so if you have some info or ideas let me know

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    There's a product called Back to Black that is supposed to work. Once you get them black again, you will need to treat them periodically so they don't fade again.

    That Krylon Fusion should work fine too, then you don't have to worry about it.


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      I did mine with fusion and it cracked over time.


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        I have Jeep TJ flares on my YJ and they faded gray. I painted them with Krylon Fusin black. It cracked and flaked off after a year. I sanded off the paint and used a heat gun. They look good. I use "Back To Black" on them about once a month to keep them looking like new.


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          THe back to black does work, you can see it soaking into the flares, but, as stated above you must keep up with it, I would say an application once every 2 weeks. Another option if you are steady handed, is to use a torch and lightly go over the flares.


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            I used a product called Penetrol on mine. A one time application lasted for the 14 months till I sold the Jeep.
            If the search worked, there were quite a few posts on it. Many have had great results with it.
            (a quick google search pulled up this post on Jeep Forum about it)

            Peanut butter is another alternative people have used (the oil in the peanut butter rejuvinate the flares), but it needs to be redone periodically, and is very messy.

            I have heard a heat gun works, but is not permanent and over time can cause the flares to become brittle.


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              I used the Krylon Fusion spray paint. it worked great. Just clean, & put a light coat of paint. If you put it on heavy it probably would crack. I did my bumpers, frame cover, door handles, steps & fenders. I tried to upload a pic but it says my pic file is too large. sorry, it works fine on the "Wrangler Forum"


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                We did my wife's flares 3 or 4 years ago with Krylon fusion paint, and they are still fine.


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                  Krylon Fusion is ok, but if you're set on painting them, a product designed for automotive bumpers is a better bet, although considerably more expensive.

                  The prep work is essential. Start with a mild soap and water, then use a prep product such as Prepsol or Total Prep. Then spray on an adhesion promotor / binding agent such as Bulldog. Then finally, you're ready to paint them.

                  You can get all of those products in spray cans or if you have your own compressor & spray gun, by the quart or gallon.


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                    check out this stuff.....

                    Forever BLACKā„¢ Cleaner & Reconditioner Combo

                    i put it on last summer and my flares are still pretty black. definately not a dark dark black but not that faded grey nonsense.
                    i absolutely recommend it.


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                      Originally posted by kenpo23 View Post
                      check out this stuff.....

                      Forever BLACK™ Cleaner & Reconditioner Combo

                      i put it on last summer and my flares are still pretty black. definitely not a dark dark black but not that faded grey nonsense.
                      i absolutely recommend it.
                      I'll second the Forever Black. It's also available from our host. It lasts several years per application.



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                        X2 on the Forever Black. I bought it from the host. I think it was like $14. You get enough for at least 3 full applications.