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  • 04 TJ needs bikini... suggestions

    hey all...

    looking to get my dad a bikini top for his 04 TJ, late fathers day... been looking at the amer. flag version since i can't find a TX flag... any suggestions on a decent bikini that doesn't require drilling just snaps in or something... his TJ has soft top now not 100% sure about the doors but i think they are full like you'd get with a hard top...


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    I tried the Smittybilt Outland Pocket Brief and it was a pain in the *** to get on and off of my '04. I don't have the luxury or the desire to leave the soft top off all the time so I needed something I could put on and take off in a reasonable amount of time.

    I decided to ditch the Smitty and get a Bestop strapless bikini. It works with the OEM soft top door surrounds and you only have to take out one bolt from the speaker pods once. I love it! I wish I'd have bought one sooner.

    You'll need the top and a header also. Bestop makes a no-drill header that bolts on with two bolts to the notches where the soft top clamps usually go. It's a really quick on and off.

    If you do decide to get him the Bestop bikini though, and unless he'll have help putting it on, there's a trick to making it very simple to put on.


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      bestop strapless sounds like the way to go then... thanks man!


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        Follow up...

        So I'll bite? What's the trick to make it easy so one doesn't need help?

        I'm was about to order a bestop bikini for the upcoming vacation trip north and so would appreciate any help you can offer since ease of up and down would be appreciated.
        thanks, in advance


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          I love my mesh breezer top. I got it here at 4WD parts. The mesh doesn't flap in the wind like other tops. No drilling. Goes on and off easy.


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            What K8 said...

            My bestop bikini is the schinizzle


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              Originally posted by Joe Dirt
              I love my mesh breezer top. I got it here at 4WD parts. The mesh doesn't flap in the wind like other tops. No drilling. Goes on and off easy.
              hey joe...
              you say no drilling which is good... you did need a window header though? just wanna make sure i get everything to attach it...



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                For the Bestop bikini, you start by installing the header channel. Two bolts clamp it to the windshield and you're ready to move on. The first time you install it, if you have the speaker pods (2003+ I believe) you tak out one specific bolt from each pod and use it to secure a strap with a d-ring on it. This will stay on the Jeep for future use.

                Next, for the top itself:

                In the instructions, it tells you to install the rail along the front of the windhield first. With only one person, this is pretty much impossible. When you get one end in, the weight of the other end pulls it back out as soon as you let go.

                The trick is to loosely strap the back corners up to their bars. This will help hold the top up so that you have a snowball's chance in hell of getting that front edge in. LOOSELY is the key here. Once the front edge is in, you can tighten up the straps and clip in the door-surround rails (if you have door surrounds.

                The only thing I seem to have a problem with is those door surround rails. The top is pretty tight and since it's new you really have to stretch on it to get them in. Some creative strap juggling at opposite corners will help, as will leaving the top in the sun to warm up before installation. Getting it out is a bit more of a pain, but I found that if you carefully use a regular bladed screwdriver to help start the rail out of it's channel, it's a snap.

                This refers to 4WD part numbers 5252835 for the top (Black denim) and 5123801 for the header. Looks like they're currently out of stock on both but they should be getting more in shortly.


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                  To answer your questions, you do need a header, but at least on mine it's a no drill header. The top only is difficult to get on the first time, because it needs to be streched out. After that it goes on in minutes and I go it by myself with no problems. The guys at 4WD recommended getting a good header, not the economy one. Maybe that made the difference. Good luck.


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                    i've got a bestop safari bikini (covers both front and back seats) on my 01 and i really like it. The directions in the box did a good job of explaining how to instal it. I was surprised at the little amount of flapping it has(i thought there would be more). great product