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    Originally posted by RalphXJ
    Since we are already way off topic, I'll keep us going!!

    If you ever run out of things to do, I'd be interested in a Square driveshaft with lots of travel that I could carry as a trail spare for the front of rear if I needed one!!

    I have a spare front shaft that I carry, but that wont help me if I break the rear!!
    I still need to make YJ driveshafts let alone finish it Your running a CV rear? Get a CV and lemme know and I can get the steel.

    I'm running conventional round shafts on the XJ. I'll be running square in the front of the YJ and round in the rear.


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      Originally posted by joe_and_jeep
      It is nowhere near road friendly. Most of the places I go to I can pull right up to the trailhead. If I cant pull into the trailhead I just dont take it. I still have my YJ which is road friendly and insured/registered. The XJ is a pure and simple "Beater". I originally made it as a farm toy but I like it too much and starting to take it to trail rides. It will be at the cleanup. Lemme warn you tho, there are no "Mainstream" parts on it. It was built out of stuff I had laying around. The T-Case adpapter is homemade, the driveshafts are homemade, the windshield is shattered, missing half of the carpet. I am more than certain that I will hear some "comments" about it. But its a fun rig to have. 15 forward gears, 3 reverse gears, 2 seperated low ranges, disreguard to body damage.
      Thanks for the reply Joe.

      Understanding how you wheel a particular vehicle helps understand the way it's built and more to the why it was built that way.

      35 some odd years ago, my best friend and I built his K-Blazer specifically for the farm his dad owned. We didn't have the aftermarket stuff that's available now, so we would rob stuff off tractors and dump and service trucks to make it do the stuff we wanted. His dad had (if I remember right) about 160 or 180 acres in Marietta. He had some bottom land he farmed but a big chunk was what we called a mountain. What we built I don't even think you would want to drive, but we were young and dumb with no fear of being hurt. We never got hurt (barrel rolled it a few times) and in general did a lot of dumb stuff. It was crazy, but to use 36" truck tires, we cut and welded 16 lug hubs off a truck and welded it on the hub flange of a 5 lug. Wasn't perfectly round, but since it only saw dirt, we didn't care. The straight six on it was fitted with a V8 carb and produced some serious HP (stalled a lot on hill and off cambers but we rigged a hand pump from a gas can to dump gas straight into the carb). We broke axles and drive shafts. We used broken axle shafts for drive shafts after welding parts together. Nothing was ever balanced. If it looked reasonably round, it was fine.

      About 5 years later I got into Scouts which I ran for about 3 years. Family and lack of time and money got to me, so I quit working on the stuff. I learned how to make many of my own parts by gas welding and smitty work. Let's say that I learned what not to make again.

      So, to cut to the chase, I'm undestanding why your doing things the way you are. Thanks again for the fill in.

      And Ralph, Joes' a big boy and can stand up for himself. I respect your concern.


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        Ya I have Tom Woods CV shafts front and rear! I have a spare round shaft, but it wont work for the rear! I'll talk to ya sometime!